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Happy Friday everyone!
I hope you’ll have a fantastic weekend! Today I decided to share with you few of the things that I am currently in love with.
Obviously hats have been a trend in most of my outfits lately. I particularly love this one cos it’s so cute and summery.Also I have been secretly in love with floral hair garlands, but I haven’t dared to wear one yet. I think I will wear one soon though 🙂
And how lovely are these shoes? The color combo is perfect for spring and summer and even though these are flats, I get the impression that I will feel like I am dressing up when wearing these. They are from ZARA, one of my all time favorite shop, and they are only $26!
Let’s talk about this bag now. ALDO scored again with this one. No wonder this color was sold out. Fortunately there is another one as cute as this one with white and baby blue stripes. This bag is perfect for little&fun getaways because it’s so stylish and also functional. When I look at this bag I get the type of feeling that I need to plan my next vacation.
Well, this is just a short version of my wish list for this Friday.
Have a great weekend everyone and be safe!

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Tribal Sweater

Tribal and geometric patterns have been one of the trends of this Fall/Winter season. I got this black and white sweater in November and have been wearing it ever since. What do you think? Is tribal going away soon?

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