The kiss that sealed everything

In a couple’s  life there are many dates to celebrate. I can list only a few as the most important, such as the day they first met, the day they had the first kiss, the day they got engaged, the day they got married, the day they had their first child etc. Any of these dates hold special and treasured memories that last forever and seem to define the rest of each other’s life. 
Today is April 14th 2014 and it’s a special date in our book of life! Eight years ago, we had our first kiss!
Each year, on April 14th we “take a walk” down memory lane and remind ourselves of those beautiful times in our lives when we first fell in love with each other! These memories truly bring smiles to our faces and make our day a little sweeter!
I hope you all have a wonderful week dear friends!
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Happy Love Day

I hope you have a day filled with love! 
Love is the universal feeling that should govern the world. During this day I hope you will be reminded of the people in your life that make this journey worthwhile. Make sure to express your love to them! 
Also, I decided to share with you two of my favorite quotes about love! As you can see, I even tried designing them! After many attempts this is the final result! I hope you like them!
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Have a great weekend!
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