DIY Fall Decor Idea – Easy Fall Wreath Tutorial

Fall Wreaths can be such a fun way to decorate your home during this season. I usually end up buying one, but this year I decided to make it myself; and I had so much fun making it. So today I am bringing another easy tutorial on how to make a Fall Wreath.
Materials you’ll need:
Two different kind of Yarns
A bunch of Silk Flowers
Glue Gun

Step 1: Start by wrapping the yarn of your choice around the foam ring. Make sure that the yarn is covering everything so the white foam ring is invisible. This can take a while so, put on some music or your favorite TV show and you will have more fun making it.

Step 2: After you are all done with covering the foam ring, it’s time to unleash your creativity. With this type of DIY projects, it’s all about how creative you can get. Cut your favorite flowers and start gluing them into the wreath, making your own design. I chose purple and golden colors since they go well with my home decor, but you can choose your own favorites colors or even go for more traditional FALL colors such as yellow, orange etc.

After you have completed this step you are done with this little project and you can tell all your friends and family how creative and crafty you are! I sure did!

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