Twisted Hair Crown Tutorial





Soooo it only took me 100+ trials and errors, but I finally got my first hair tutorial video up on You Tube. It’s not perfect but I hope I’ll improve as the time passes. I’m sorry my tutorial was cut short at the end, but my baby was crying so I had to go pick her up. She is in that phase now where she just wants to be held ALL the time. 
So this is my favorite hair style for summer because it’s quick and easy to make and it keeps my hair out of my way. You’ve probably seen me wear this style quite often and I love it. Another reason why this is one of my favorite hair styles it’s because when it’s undone it makes beautiful heatless beach waves, which is great to keep your hair healthy during summer heat. If I am planning to wear my hair down the next day and I don’t want to use my curling iron, I do this hair style before going to bed (after I wash my hair and my hair is still damp), and in the morning I have perfect waves.
Add just a little hair spray to hold them in place and you’re ready to go. Give this hair style a try and let me know what you think. 
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