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valentines day

Hi everyone,

I hope you had an amazing Valentine’s Weekend, filled with lots of love and romance. When you see these pictures you’d probably think we went somewhere super fancy. But the truth is, that is not our kind of Valentine’s Day. Our kind of Valentine’s Day is lounging around at home, listening to love songs, eating ice cream, slow dancing, giving back massages and tons and tons of kisses. And this is exactly what we did. Hey, and the plus, is we avoided all those crowded restaurants and long traffic lines. When my mom asked me if we did anything special on Valentine’s Day, I answered that to us every day is Valentine’s Day. Because my true love brings me flowers just because, just to cheer me up. He cooks for me every weekend when he is home from work. He calls me beautiful even when I don’t have make up on and my hair is a mess. And he makes me feel special every day. So in my book I have Valentine’s Day everyday.

So why the fancy dress then? To be honest I took these photos just because I wanted to have a mini me matching outfits with Aria. I’d been wanting to take these pictures for so long now {since I found out I still fit in that dress} and what a better time than have a  Valentine’s Day photo shoot! Doesn’t she look adorable in that red dress and white coat? I’m in love😍

My dress is from Ever Pretty.

Here is a short little poem I love!

“i choose you
again and again
at the start and finish
no matter the season
no matter the year

i choose you
to struggle and succeed with
to fight and make up with
to love and grow old with

i choose you
knowing there are still trails
we must travel
knowing there are mountains
left to climb

I choose you
to always be by my side”

-tyler kent white


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