Bow Headwrap: DIY Bow Headwrap for your little ones
























So I wrote this post 8 months ago, but I never posted it. I tend to do that. I have so many post that never leave the draft folder.

But I thought Aria looked so cute in this big bow that I had to share it. She must have been 5 months old here. Also this post reminded me of how much I love creating and sewing and refashioning things, but I feel like I have had no time lately. It feels like ages ago when I sat on my sewing table. Hopefully I’ll get some time, inspiration and motivation soon to sit down and create something beautiful. I have so many project in my mind, I need to make them happen.

So for now enjoy this simple DIY tutorial of turning an old baby shirt into a big bow headband. I used one of her headbands at that time to get the size right. I think Aria wore it for mother’s day last year and she looked so cute in it. {Also lets have a moment of silence for the days when she would let me put bows in here hair. Now they are completely gone. 😩 She refuses to let me do anything with her hair now hahahah.}

Thank you for stopping by dear friends!

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