Birthday Stories

Last Sunday I celebrated my birthday and it was such a great day filled with laughter, family time, delicious food and tons of love. I truly felt loved! 


At the end of the day, as I was expressing my gratitude to my husband for making my birthday such a special event for our family, it got me thinking of my past birthdays. As I went down memory lane, I realized something I hadn’t before. For the past 7 years I have celebrated my birthday in 7 different homes/apartments. Isn’t that crazy? That means that I have moved somewhere new at least once a year. That must be a record or something, right?

In 2010 I was serving my LDS mission in England Leeds Mission and at that time I was living in Wakefield, England. I turned 22 that year and I celebrated it with my mission companions who surprised me with a homemade birthday cake.

In 2011 I started college at BYU-I in Rexburg Idaho, and I celebrated my birthday with my roommates at that time. Besmir who was my sweetheart at that time, surprised me with a visit from Provo.

In 2012 we had just gotten married that past summer and we were living in Provo, Utah in a basement apartment near campus. It wasn’t our favorite place, but it was convenient and we made it feel like home. That’s where we celebrated my 24th birthday.

In 2013 we had moved to a different apartment which was very close to Provo Temple and the MTC where we were both working at that time. For my birthday, Besmir surprised me with a small birthday party with my closest friends.

In 2014 we moved to a different apartment still very close to the Provo Temple, plus we lived next door to friends, The Hoxhas. For my birthday that year we visited the Ice Castles in Midway and my BFF Maz came over for lunch. She had made the best rainbow birthday cake ever. I had a great birthday!

In 2015 we had already moved to the Greater Seattle Area, WA. This year it was even more special because it was the first time celebrating as a mom. Aria was 1 month old at that time. My mom was here and that made it even more special. My aunt and cousin came to visit us as well from Ohio and NY and we had a great time together.

And here we are in 2016. We are still living in the Seattle area, but we have moved to a different apartment.

So this makes this one the 7th apartment in 7 years. You’d think that I am an expert in packing by now, but I hate packing and unpacking just as much as I did 7 years ago. I just feel I have gotten more practical and deal with it a little better. I just had to write this little story down and all the little details because I thought it was funny and something worth remembering.

I am two years away from hitting the big 3-0 and sometimes that is scary.  When I was young I always thought that those in their 30s were old and now I am so close to being one of them. Of course I don’t consider them old anymore. They’re just more mature, more experienced, more seasoned. SO here is to a new year in my life. A blank page to write a great story.

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