A healthy snack idea and a walk down memory lane…

I have never been a big fan of fruits growing up. My mom had to always remind me to eat some kind of fruit a day otherwise I wouldn’t. So I am sure this post will make my mom and mother-in-law very happy, since every time I talk to them, they ask me if I have eaten plenty of fruits. And then they go on and share with me some recent article they read about the benefits of eating a certain fruit. They are so nice and caring and I love their genuine concern for me, especially now that I am pregnant.

Well, this has become my favorite snack of the day. Apples, pears, tangerines, assorted nuts, cinnamon cookies with a touch of honey – super yummy but above all it’s super healthy.  Don’t get me wrong, I do have those moments when I want to eat nutella all day long, but luckily, recently I’ve been craving more these healthy snacks and fruits of the season, especially tangerines.

Few days ago, preparing this snack and peeling all the fruits, brought back sweet memories from childhood. I thought of my dear grandma and her garden full of tangerine trees. She would always peel plenty of them and have them ready for me to enjoy. She would not just peel them, but she would make sure to carefully take off all the white little stems from them, leaving only the best part for me to eat.  

So if you ever find my peeling tangerines and I have a smile on my face, it’s because I am thinking of my grandma. Oh, I miss her dearly. 

Yes that day, those tangerines tasted a little sweeter!



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2 thoughts on “A healthy snack idea and a walk down memory lane…

  1. It's so good that you are into fruits now with your little bebe. You made me dream of tangerine trees and country life for a while. Now that you brought this up, I recall many grandmas go above and beyond when preparing the fruit for the little ones, so I guess it should be an exclusive grandma thing.

    Have a great weekend Ema!

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